Last 14th May was a world day of prayer, fasting and charity suggested by the High Committee for human Fraternity. Various religions participated in the event.

The goal was very clear : to establish the value of fraternity in the minds, to share with each other the richness of every religion and to contribute in the building of Peace.

We all belong to the same human roots! The other is a brother whom we must love and with whom we must share the prayer addressed to the Lord, our Creator … An occasion of new life!

For me, a Catholic religious hailing from the Middle East, torn apart by war between religions, this day presented an occasion to meditate truly upon what unites us as human beings… upon the love that unites us to each other, irrespective of every religious belonging.

Because this common prayer for the entire humanity, who in this time is hit by the pandemic, while in other times by hatred and fear … this prayer is doubtlessly a means to contribute to improve the relationships between the nations.

If prayer is an intimate, deep and holy relationship which starts in the heart towards the Creator, it is also communion among us all and communication of life by the Spirit … It brings us together …

For me, this day was an occasion which enabled me to touch the power of God’s love which abides in the heart of humanity … Is Allah the greatest ? … He is this Spirit who gives life and who is Life …

On this day, I noticed others expressing a sense of gratitude towards the other who is different and yet belonging to the same humanity; a gratitude towards all the persons of every confession and religion, who in various manners are ready to help the others even at the risk of their own life.

Yes, a day of prayer while respecting the traditions … a fasting to acknowledge our personal fragility.

A prayer which has increased within me this hope of peace in my country which has witnessed the birth of all the monotheistic religions…a common prayer coming up from the heart of each person towards God’s Heart!

 Sr Thérèse Raad, SdC