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It`s the time to put the mission into practice!


The young sister has just committed herself for the first time in the Congregation. She has assumed a commitment for a year which she will be able to renew for several years.

Hence she gets involved!! 

After this time of preparation and of putting the roots the moment has come for the young sister, the junior as she is usually called, to live fully the life of the Sisters of Charity. 

It`s the time to put the mission into practice!

She is going to receive a first mission, a concrete work together with others, at the spiritual and temporal service of the poor. Within a community, she is going to share the life of all the sisters in simplicity, prayer and service. 




But it`s also time of formation. The junior sister will have the occasion to deepen the charism and religious life. Little by little she will put into practice in her daily life whatever she had received during the previous stages. She will read regularly her experience during her accompaniment but at the same time she confronts herself with other young sisters who are living the same stage.  

Over the years, she will deepen her vocation afresh and will verify, as she experiences times of joy and enthusiasm and even difficult ones, that the Lord is truly calling her in this Congregation and that deep down she is very happy to belong to Him!

One day, she will be able to decide to be committed forever and to pronounce her final vows!

«To teach the poor to know, love and serve God is to do in part what the Savior of the world came to do on earth; it is to work to bring about the Kingdom of God» (St  Jeanne-Antide P.D.)

«Insegnare ai poveri, a conoscere, amare e servire il Signore, è fare in parte ciò che il Salvatore del mondo è venuto a fare sulla terra, è lavorare perché il Regno di Dio cresca»  (S. Giovanna Antida, Discorso preliminare.)

God Alone is my all!


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