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According to your heart, you can contribute to form a network of solidarity : between friends, at school, at work, in the parish ; between families, missionary groups, associations. You can become a promoter of Drops of Solidarity ; but you can just contribute also across your friendship, your silent and prayerful support and by opening your heart to your neighbour and the suffering. 

Drops of solidarity isn’t limited to a modest financial help but it’s also a life attitude. 

The Project and development Sector

  • arrowis a modest but concrete answer to the needs of the Mission of the Institute, involved in 29 countries over 4 Continents  (Europe, Africa, Asia and America "to sow the seeds of a society that is an evangelical alternative to the logic of the present economic system of the world " ( Objective of the General Chapter 2005 -2010)
  • arrowit’s mission is to  "enhance a new Diaconia of Charity which develops a culture of projects in the Congregation in view of supporting the mission of the Sisters of Charity and the lay friends  » (General chapter 2010)
  • arrowit’s target is the Word of Jesus in Matthew’s Gospel  25, 31-46 :


« I was hungry… thirsty…  I was a foreigner…  sick…  prisoner…

Whenever you did it to the least of my brothers,

You did  it to me"


  • arrowit’s goals are:

- To carry out a coordination of projects across a network.  


      • rating starTo know, to collect and coordinate the various projects of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity.    
      • rating starTo promote a collaborative and interdependent mentality between : congregation – laity – various organisations – public entities. 
      • rating starTo create collaboration with various organisms : NGO, Institutions, Foundations and existing Associations.   


        - To facilitate the promotion of new projects. 

      • rating starMissionary animation in the various domains of pastoral activity. 
      • rating starSupportive campaigns for various Projects. 


       - To offer a « technical and charismatic » accompaniment, hence permitting the Projects’ realisation in the spirit of the Charism of the SoC.       

      • rating starFormation courses in the Spirituality and the Charism of the SoC and in the elaboration of the projects.     
      • rating starExperiences of Voluntary Work in the countries where the Sisters of Charity are present.

In order that  the human person be truly at the centre of its concerns, the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity endeavours to suggest and to work in view of :    

  • arrowDeveloping the potential of the individuals and of the various realities. 
  • arrowPromoting active attitudes, stimulating the ability to make choices, to answer certain requests and to collaborate.
  • arrowMaking the best of his talents and those of the others and developing the creativity to reach a goal.  


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Partout dans le monde

passpartDiscover the magazine of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Jeanne-Antide Thouret: a window on the Congregation, the Church and the world.

If you desire to know the magazine and receive a free copy, you can send your request on this email address:



This section presents the main books regarding the history of the Congregation, the biographies on Jeanne-Antide and the Saints... and much more like Spiritual Booklets, DVDs, ...libri



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