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Enter into a relationship

DARING TO KNOCK AT A DOOR!                            

Time of research and daring


The Lord is there in the centre of our life! Everybody is called by his Love but his call resonates in a special manner within the heart of certain persons. it`s so strong that it surpasses everthing!  May all life be oriented accoring to Him! May serving and loving Him become the essential thing!

Live for God alone!   «I am pleased to belong to God alone » used to say Saint Jeanne-Antide Thouret

When a young woman is in search of her vocation, she is about to embark on a big adventure, that of discerning this vocation. A journey based on research, dialogue and prayer! In search of God`s will, which means happiness for her!

The firsst daring step is to talk to a trustful person who is capable to listen to her question. This project takes time to ripen across the accompaminent of a priest, a religious or a competent person who will help her on her journey.

On her journey she will meet yesterday `s or contemporary witnesses as well as great spiritual masters or simple religious who carry out a service! 

All the stages will be important and fundamental but they cannot be enough.   

Life is made of daring and even courage and the moment of encounter will come...    


In order to discover a congregation better and its daily running, to know whether she is truly called to this exact place, there are no other solutions in fact, than to have the courage to knock at a door from one moment to the other!

Everywhere, in each region the communities are there, humble, at the service of their brothers and sisters, they live the charism of the sisters of Charity, in prayer and work!  They welcome it with simplicity and freely!

 This will be an important and fundamental moment!


«Tell her that you are poor Daughters of Charity, that you offered yourselves to God for the service of the Poor ». (IX, 534-535)

«In order to be true Daughters of Charity, you must do what the Son of God did on earth... And what did he do mainly? He worked continuously for the neighbour, visiting and healing the sick, teaching the ignorant in view of salvation. May you be happy, my daughters, that you are called to a condition which is so pleasant to God. » (IX, 15.)


The road leading to become a sister of charity for ever can seem long! One can ask why are so many   necessary since their life seems simple and not so difficult to understand!

Simply because much time is needed for the discovery of self! To know each other better! To live together! To allow God to intervene!

Time to respect the freedom of the young woman undertaking this path and even the freedom of the Congregation, so that together, under God`s look, a solid bond is prepared for the happiness of the poor!


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