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Wednesday, 29 June 2016 22:38

Migrants buried in Reggio C,

Reggio Calabria:

at the Armo-Gallina cemetery was held a moving burial ceremony

of 45 victims of shipwreck recovered from the sea after the umpteenth shipwreck in the Mediterranean,

arrived at the port of Reggio Calabria on board of the military ship "Vega".


Mark Constantine Photo


"In the sea of criticism and misunderstandings GESTURES OF LOVE FLOWER sowing Life and Tenderness there where the world sees death and fear ...

Looking at this picture I was completely silent for a few minutes ... meeting so many feelings and thoughts ... one in particular has collected and kissed them: Love .. that  is the image of a wonderfully God Full of Tenderness. ..

These women consecrated to Him .. .. play one of the nicest gestures that reflects God’s Love towards man, Paternal and Maternal Love at the same time: Giving dignity to man .. even in death.

Only those who have their heart in God can be capable of this.

Thanks to the person who with a click has given us the opportunity to reflect .. and Thanks especially to you .. friends for your silent motherhood which generates life and accompanies it among the folds and the wounds of life. God smiles and looks at you with Love".     Michele D'Agostino

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