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Friday, 07 October 2016 15:40

The Nations' Feast


 Saint Martha College

Colón (Bs As)

27 30 September 2016


For the eleventh consecutive year, in the College of Saint Martha, in Colon (Buenos Aires), an educative project “SEMANA ESTUDIANTIL” has been carried out. In fact, since 2006 this project is realised yearly in coordination with the Students’ Centre and the executive team of the higher level;  we are convinced that education starts also from the recreational dimension while encouraging the values of cooperation, team work, friendship, the discovery of each others’ talents ... across also the different initiatives from the various courses at the higher school level, such as : film imitation, ping-pong of questions and answers, staging of dances and the so-called “NATIONS’ FEAST”.

It’s a matter of four intensive days during which every course realises the activity foreseen for the day. The teachers set up a panel of judges to express their voting day by day and at the end of the week they reveal the winner or winners, even though we know that EVERYBODY WINS, because every course, with all the movement and the work preceding the week, grows especially in brotherhood and friendship.

This year the activity has given a special distinctive trait to the eleventh edition of this initiative. It means that in St. Martha’s Institute, eleven Countries chose to prepare the stands for the initiative of the NATIONS’ FEAST. The Sisters of Charity of St. Jeanne Antide are present in these eleven Countries: today I must and can say where we are present as Congregation. We wanted to offer this contribution during this jubilee year of the Province of Latin America, just as we are about to celebrate 50 years of presence in this land, in 2017.

We feel in harmony with the journey of both the Church and the Congregation in encouraging the culture of the encounter; thanks to Sr. Battistina and Sr. Daniela, we managed to establish contacts with upper Schools of other countries where we are present; we succeeded to set up an exchange with Malta, thanks to the marvellous readiness of Sr. Teresa Tonna, to whom we address our heartfelt thanks. The students attending the last year of the higher school of our college could live four very rich meetings where they exchanged via video-calls with students of our school in Malta. It was a big challenge to arrange and accord the dates, the days, the various time-zones, the languages ... but it has been really wonderful! We hope and desire that many other exchanges will follow suit ... and not only with Malta!!

Sr. Hend too, the Regional Superior of Pakistan wanted to give her contribution, making herself present across the utterly beautiful clothes which she sent us from Pakistan itself. They helped us to decorate this country’s stand. Our heartfelt thanks go to Sr. Hend.

The selected countries were: Paraguay, Bolivia, Malta, Italy, Pakistan, Egypt, Lebanon, Romania, Chad, Albania and Argentine: Province of Tucumán, the cradle of our Argentine independence.

Every group of students has moreover presented to the assigned Country, the mission of the sisters of charity carried out in their own country.  

Hence, St. Jeanne Antide and her most topical message to LOVE and to SERVE is taking root gradually in our institution, across these simple initiatives which move many hearts.

Charity is infinitely creative, used to say St. Vincent de Paul ... therefore we are still at the begininng of what we consider a very beautiful adventure of cultural and spiritual exchange. Our thanks go to all those who rendered this initiative possible.


Sister Raquel Fessia

                  Head of St. Martha’s College – Colon


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