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Wednesday, 25 January 2017 21:57

God transforms everything

The year which is coming to an end has been a year of particular sufferings and divisions which have urged the Government to declare the state of emergency. It brings with it some limits especially in communication. But at the moment he is assuring a climate of peace!

With the heart full of gratitude, with the eyes shining with the new Christmas light and renewed by God’s mercy, we look at the events, we hear the stories, we encounter other persons and we allow the living God who is present in our midst, to fill us with amazement.

With these new feelings let us read the story of Salam, a five year old girl, daughter of a young police woman who lives in the city. The child cannot walk or stand on her feet. She fails to eat on her own and to talk. During her first years, she was helped by Sr. Costanza and by the programme of children in difficulty. This year Salam reached our kindergarten school.

The first feeling of fear which invaded Sr. Sheema at the thought that this little child could be a victim of an accident while staying with the children, or her negative reaction to be with the others, has been immediately overcome thanks to Salam’s smile. Not being able to communicate in another way because of her physical difficulties, the small girl seems that she absolutely wants to enter fully in relationship with the others.... with her bright eyes and with her cheerful and involving smile.

After spending almost three months at school, thanks to Sr. Sheema’s fidelity, the teachers’ help during the lessons and the moments of recreation and thanks to the utterly constant medical assistance of Sr. Costanza, Salam finally succeeds to stand on her feet for some moments ... to make the first steps without the walking aid! .... and to call some of her best friends by name! A miracle? Yes, a miracle of the hearts’ love and communication. Salam therefore is growing up and improving her motor conditions, but ... we too have matured ... her smile and her involvement have been contagious...we now know how to smile more!

We also like to relate the story of Wezaro, a young woman of Shire who came to ask for help and medical care in our Health Centre. Among the other therapies, she had also received a better diet. Having nothing at all, not even a house, Sr. Costanza gave her the possibility of receiving some milk taken from our cows, gratuitously daily. What a big joy for her! The milk for the evening is ready at around 4:00 -5:00 in the afternoon, but she used to arrive in our mission at about noon, and stays there waiting. Didn’t she have a watch? Sure! Did she have nothing to do? Sure! Was she alone? She stays near our gate looking and greeting timidly all passers by ... she always wears the same dress as she has no choice. Her face is swollen because of the medicine and her illness. We couldn’t remain indifferent in front of her infinite patience, her great tranquillity and her attention to everyone. We thus offered her not to spend her time in front of the gate but in the “laboratory” of Female Promotion together with other women. Her smile has been enlightened and on that same day she arrived with all her good qualities. She couldn’t do anything but she was happy to be with other women who began to teach her. She felt accepted and the others shared their work with her. She thus began to improve her work even though it wasn’t perfect. She is now enjoying good health and she can even pay the rent of the house which she hired. Moreover she can also buy all her necessities ... she is independent ... and has started to take care of herself... She is now a completely different person!

Thank you Lord because you make us experience your Word:  “The LORD your God is in your midst, a mighty one who will save; he will rejoice over you with gladness; he will quiet you by his love; he will exult over you with loud singing.” (Zeph. 3, 17).

May true and full joy dwell in the heart of each one of us!

Happy Christmas!

Sr. Costanza, Sr. Sheema, Sr. Aline, Sr. Lemlem, Sr. M.Luisa and community

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