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Thursday, 02 March 2017 13:16

Partout dans le monde n°30

The magazine of the Congregation will arrive shortly… in the world’s colours.   

The topic:  Multicultural societies

                Opportunities and challenges in daily life    

It’s a highly actual issue for the whole world, for the Church, for each one of us and especially in this time of Lent…


 « Make disciples of all the nations ! » it’s  the Word of God chosen to enlighten our reflection and our prayer  : When we consult the Bible in listening obedience,  tells us Fr. Bruno Secondin, the director of our magazine, we give God our hand who wants to render all men and women one big family, a fertile icon of truth and communion. And from it we receive courage and inspiration".

In reality, the testimony-articles of this edition are marked by the courage, the search of fraternity and justice…  

It deals with daily life:

in a district on the outskirts, 

in a parish where ethnic mixing is underway,

in an institution in the centre of the Lebanese mountain, for the service of youths hailing from numerous nationalities 

in a school of the big city of Alexandria, in Egypt where Christians and Muslims journey together

 in a Social Centre open to all, a laboratory of charity.

 It deals with the re-reading of their experience made by two sisters who have lived in Rome, in the general house and who have returned to their respective countries: Cameroon and Pakistan.  

Courage and creativity are also witnessed by the Friends of Jeanne-Antide… today they count 2000 hailing from Europe, Middle East, Africa, America and Asia, with the groups of the small friends…

Discover how Jeanne-Antide, in her time, chose to go farther, to encounter another people, another culture… in 1810, an outstanding year tells us Sr. Christine Walzack


Some reference articles, such as the document of the Roman Congregation for Catholic Education: « Educating to intercultural dialogue at school », the film and the book suggested in this edition invite us to deepen some of the real challenges which our societies are facing today: How can one encourage education to the dialogue of the cultures and international solidarity?  How can one facilitate the persons’ integration to respect their identity?   How can one build peace starting from the encounter of the cultures? 

You will also find some pages dedicated to the events of the life of the Congregation:

-          25 years of the sisters’ presence in Romania,    

-         the assembly of the sisters of Latin America and their new council

-         the new Province Italy-Malta

Enjoy the reading… and don’t hesitate to send us your reactions, your ideas… so that the magazine may continue and other persons join in…  

Those who wish to renew the subscription will find all the indications in this edition n. 30 …

Why don’t you suggest the magazine to new persons… who would be able to bring forth their support …

These are the indications:

The cost for 4 issues: 20 euro   - Subscription: 25 euro  

For Italy: postal current account n. 93851491

For other countries:

Bank or postal cheque entitled:



Or Bank or postal transfer   

  using the following co-ordinations:

IBAN IT85 F 07601 03200 000093851491




Via santa Maria in Cosmedin, 5

00153 Roma Italia

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Partout dans le monde

passpartDiscover the magazine of the Sisters of Charity of Saint Jeanne-Antide Thouret: a window on the Congregation, the Church and the world.

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