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Monday, 22 October 2018 13:12

CHAD Synod young special auditor

21 October 2018 – At the Synod, one of the young people representing Africa, Gabin Djimtoloum Djenaroum is from the Republic of Chad.

With the Synod of Bishops happening at the Vatican, under the theme, “Young People, the Faith, and Vocational Discernment” representatives from all over the world, many of them young persons, have joined Bishops and are attending the Synod as special auditors.

Auditors attend all sessions in the Synod Hall. They listen to all presentations and discussions by the Bishops. Auditors may also be given opportunity to briefly address Bishops notwithstanding the fact that the Synod is a forum specifically designed for Bishops.

In a way, the presence of so many young people in the Synod Hall is a kind of endorsement of what the Bishops are doing. Bishops can also confer with the young people during informal sessions such as tea breaks. 

In Chad young people welcome the role of the Church in their lives

Djimtoloum works, in his country, Chad, as an Executive Head of the Episcopal Commission for the Youth. In a country where Christians are in the minority, participation of young people in the life of the Church faces many challenges such as marginalisation. 

In spite of these challenges, Djimtolum, speaking in French, told Vatican News that young people in his country embrace and welcome the role of the Church in their lives.

"Young people in Chad actively participate in the life of the Church through involvement in lay movements and various Apostolic Associations,” Djimtolum said.

Other Auditors from Africa

Other auditors from the African continent to the Synod include Henriette Camara (Guinea), Berhanu Sinamo (ICYCW/Ethiopia), Rev. Kablan Hilaire Jean-Marie Kouaho (Ivory Coast), Desfortunées Kuissuk Feupeussi (Cameroon), Merveille Mantantu Vita (DRC) Sr. Lucy Muthoni Nderi (Kenya), Vincent Paul Nneji (Nigeria), Tahiry Malala Marion Sophie Rakotoroalahy (Madagascar), Prof. Matteo Severgnini (Uganda).


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