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Tuesday, 02 June 2015 23:23

Romania: Feast at Lugoj

23rd May 2015– feast of Jeanne Antide at Lugoj and the consecration of the Greek-Catholic Parish dedicated to our Foundress 

With great joy we would like to share with you the feast of St. Jeanne Antide lived in Lugoj, in Romania. During the celebration “the first Greek-Catholic Church has been consecrated and dedicated to our foundress. It is built within the Educative-Socio-Health Centre, St. Jeanne Antide”. This Centre, which is found in the city outskirts, belongs to the Greek-catholic church but is administered by our community, present here on the territory. The principle mission of this service aims to the growth and integral maturity of the children, especially the Christian ones, across the support given to the children in their homework, various alternative activities, personal hygiene, psychological service and lunch. A particular attention is addressed also to the children’s families to assure an always more distinguished service. 

Our Regional Superior Sr. Maria Renata Chiossa came from Tirana and Sr. Clarice Finardi  who is actually in the community of Bucarest, were both present for the occasion. The latter has given life to this Centre with great love, joy and sacrifice. Her presence brought forth great joy for the persons who had known her.    

The holy mass and the rite of the Church’s consecration  were presided by two bishops, amongst whom His Excellency Alexandru Mesian of our diocese of Lugoj. Many  priests flocked from the nearby parishes and from other dioceses to concelebrate with the bishops. Even the local officials didn’t fail to come, including the ex-mayor of Lugoj Marius Martinescu who highly contributed to the realisation of our Centre. 

The consecration’s ceremony started with the blessing of the water and then with the anointing of the internal and external Church walls. Later they consecrated the  set of icons, the tabernacle and the altar within which they inserted the relics of St. Jeanne Antide and of the Romanian bishop Anton Durcovici, who underwent martyrdom in a prison during communism and was beatified a year ago.   

Always during the celebration, our bishop presented briefly the history of Jeanne Antide and added something regarding our Congregation. They read in everybody’s presence the message written by our Superior General Sr.Nunzia De Gori where she thanked for the invitation and expressed her joy and her communion with this Church, built in the peripheral zone where we carry out our service. 

At the end of the mass, the children who come to the Centre, staged some aspects of the life of St. Jeanne Antide and concluded with some dances and later with a fraternal supper.   

We cannot fail to give thanks to the Lord for giving us such a precious gift. He invites us to encourage us all the more to be in communion with the Greek-Catholic Church, present on this territory. Kindly remember us in your prayers so that we might be prophetic signs of God’s love and presence in our midst.          Sr. Mihaela Branici

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