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Tuesday, 26 March 2019 13:36


 Lenten journey: Friday in the third Week of Lent - 26.03.2019

26.03.2019 eng

Here the main character is Peter, who “had heard the Lord speak many times about forgiveness, about mercy”. The Apostle, apparently, in his simplicity, — for “he had not studied much; he was not a scholar; he was a fisherman” — did not fully understand the meaning of those words. However, “he came up to Jesus and said to him, ‘Lord, how often shall my brother sin against me, and I forgive him? As many as seven times?’”. Seven times may have even seemed “generous” to Peter. But “Jesus said to him, ‘I do not say to you seven times, but seventy times seven’”.


Applying the lesson to everyone, Francis recalled the words of the Our Father, in which we say: “Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors”. He explained that this is “an equation”. In other words, “if you are not capable of forgiveness, how can God forgive you?”. The Lord “wants to forgive you”, the Pope added, “but he cannot if you keep your heart closed and mercy cannot enter”. One might object: “Father, I forgive, but I cannot forget that awful thing that he did to me...”. The answer is to “ask the Lord to help you forget”. In any case, the Pontiff added, it may be true that “one can forgive, but one does not always manage to forget”, but an attitude of you’re “forgiven” but “you’ll pay for this” is surely unacceptable. Instead, one must “forgive as God forgives”, and God “forgives the maximum”.



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Saturday, 16 March 2019 19:53

Salita e discesa

Cammino della Quaresima : Domenica della seconda settimana di Quaresima - 17.03.2019

17.03.2019 it


Da questo episodio della Trasfigurazione vorrei cogliere due elementi significativi, che sintetizzo in due parole: salita e discesa. Noi abbiamo bisogno di andare in disparte, di salire sulla montagna in uno spazio di silenzio, per trovare noi stessi e percepire meglio la voce del Signore. Questo facciamo nella preghiera. Ma non possiamo rimanere lì! L’incontro con Dio nella preghiera ci spinge nuovamente a “scendere dalla montagna” e ritornare in basso, nella pianura, dove incontriamo tanti fratelli appesantiti da fatiche, malattie, ingiustizie, ignoranze, povertà materiale e spirituale. A questi nostri fratelli che sono in difficoltà, siamo chiamati a portare i frutti dell’esperienza che abbiamo fatto con Dio, condividendo la grazia ricevuta. E questo è curioso. Quando noi sentiamo la Parola di Gesù, ascoltiamo la Parola di Gesù e l’abbiamo nel cuore, quella Parola cresce. E sapete come cresce? Dandola all’altro! La Parola di Cristo in noi cresce quando noi la proclamiamo, quando noi la diamo agli altri! E questa è la vita cristiana. E’ una missione per tutta la Chiesa, per tutti i battezzati, per tutti noi: ascoltare Gesù e offrirlo agli altri. Non dimenticare: ascoltate Gesù!

(Papa Francesco, Angelus del 14 marzo 2014)

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Saturday, 16 March 2019 09:46

Pregare per i nemici

Cammino della Quaresima : Sabato della prima settimana di Quaresima - 16.03.2019

16.03.2019 it

Un comandamento — quello di «pregare per i nemici» — che ci può spiazzare, perché a noi, «per la ferita che tutti noi abbiamo nel cuore», ci viene naturale augurare «qualcosa un po’ brutta» a un nemico che, per esempio, sparla di noi. Invece «Gesù ci dice: “No, no! Prega per lui e fai penitenza per lui”».

Verrebbe da chiedere: «Ma perché, Signore, tanta generosità?». La risposta la dà Gesù proprio nel brano evangelico: per essere «figli del Padre vostro che è nei cieli».

(Papa Francesco, omelia durante la messa a Santa Marta il 14 giugno 2016)

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Friday, 15 March 2019 06:33


 Lenten journey: Friday in the First Week of Lent - 15.03.2019

15.03.2019 eng

Truth is an inseparable companion of justice and mercy. Indeed, truth should not lead to revenge, but rather to reconciliation and forgiveness.

I, open your heart as the People of God and be reconciled. Fear neither the truth nor justice. : do not be afraid of asking for forgiveness and offering it. Do not resist that reconciliation which allows you to draw near and encounter one another as brothers and sisters, and surmount enmity. Now is the time to heal wounds, to build bridges, to overcome differences. It is time to defuse hatred, to renounce vengeance, and to open yourselves to a coexistence founded on justice, truth, and the creation of a genuine culture of fraternal encounter.


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Thursday, 14 March 2019 06:30

Saper chiedere

Cammino della Quaresima : Giovedì della prima settimana di Quaresima - 14.03.2019

14.03.2019 it

Gesù vuole risvegliare la fiducia nella preghiera: “Chiedete e vi sarà dato, cercate e troverete, bussate e vi sarà aperto. Perché chiunque chiede riceve, chi cerca trova, e a chi bussa sarà aperto”. “Questa è la preghiera: chiedere, cercare il come e bussare al cuore di Dio”. E il Padre “darà lo Spirito Santo a quelli che glielo chiedono. ...La nostra preghiera deve essere così, trinitaria”. Gesù è il compagno di cammino che ci dà quello che chiediamo; il Padre che ha cura di noi e ci ama; e lo Spirito Santo che è il dono, è quel di più che dà il Padre, quello che la nostra coscienza non osa sperare”.

 (Papa Francesco, omelia durante la messa a Santa Marta il 9 ottobre 2014)

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Wednesday, 13 March 2019 06:14

Asking for a sign

Lenten journey: Wednesday in the First Week of Lent - 13.03.2019

13.03.2019 eng

Pope Francis thus exhorted that we ask ourselves the reason that the doctors of the law did not understand the signs of the times and invoked an extraordinary sign. And he proposed several answers: the first was “because they were closed. They were closed within their system, they had organized the law very well”.

Despite that, however, they “did not understand that God is always new; He never denies himself, He never says that something He had said was a mistake, never; but He always surprises. And they did not understand and they closed themselves within that system created with much good will; and they asked” that Jesus give them “a sign”, failing to understand, however, “the many signs that Jesus made” and maintaining a completely “closed” attitude.

The second response to his initial question is attributable to the fact that they “had forgotten that they were a people on a journey. And when one is on a journey one always finds new things, things one does not know. And in the law, they had to accept these things in a heart faithful to the Lord”.


(Pope Francis, Sanctae Marthae, 13.10.14)


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Tuesday, 12 March 2019 06:11

Our Father

Lenten journey: Tuesday in the First Week of Lent - 12.03.2019

12.03.2019 eng


It is enough to evoke this single expression — Abba — for Christian prayer to develop. … because it is the path taught by Jesus: in this invocation there is a force that draws all the rest of the prayer.

God seeks you, even if you do not seek him. God loves you, even if you have forgotten about him. God glimpses beauty in you, even if you think you have squandered all your talents in vain. God is not only a father; he is like a mother who never stops loving her little child. On the other hand, there is a ‘gestation’ that lasts forever, well beyond the nine months of the physical one; it is a gestation that engenders an infinite cycle of love.

(Pope Francis, GENERAL AUDIENCE 16.01.2019)

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Sunday, 10 March 2019 23:31

"You did it to me"

Lenten journey: Monday in the First Week of Lent

11.03.2019 eng

"God of infinite mercy… Look not, O Lord, on our poverty, our suffering, our human weakness, when we appear before you to be judged for joy or for condemnation. Look upon us with mercy, born of the tenderness of your heart, and help us to walk in the ways of complete purification…. "

(Pope Francis, Angelus of 2 november 2014)

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Saturday, 09 March 2019 22:48

Three temptations

Lenten journey: First Sunday of Lent. 10.03.2019

10.03.2019 eng

“Lent is a time of conversion, of daily experiencing in our lives how this dream is continually threatened by the father of lies — and we hear in the Gospel how he acted towards Jesus — by the one who tries to separate us, making a divided and confrontational family; a society which is divided and at loggerheads, a society of the few, and for the few.

Lent is a time for reconsidering our feelings, for letting our eyes be opened to the frequent injustices which stand in direct opposition to the dream and the plan of God. The three temptations of Christ.... Three temptations which the Christian is faced with daily. Three temptations which seek to corrode, destroy and extinguish the joy and freshness of the Gospel. Three temptations which lock us into a cycle of destruction and sin.

It is worth asking ourselves:
To what degree are we aware of these temptations in our lives, in our very selves?
How much have we become accustomed to a lifestyle where we think that our source and life force lies only in wealth?
To what point do we feel that caring about others, our concern and work for bread, for the good name and dignity of others, are wellsprings of happiness and hope?

the Church gives us the gift of this Lenten season, invites us to conversion, offering but one certainty: he is waiting for us and wants to heal our hearts of all that tears us down. He is the God who has a name: Mercy. His name is our wealth, his name is what makes us famous, his name is our power…”

HOMILY OF HIS HOLINESS POPE FRANCISFirst Sunday of Lent, 14 February 2016 a Ecatepec (Messico)

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Saturday, 09 March 2019 09:39

The Christian way

Way of Lent: Saturday after the ashes. 09.03.2019

09.03.2019 eng small


Here then is the path to follow: "Humility, service, no selfishness, do not feel important or stand before others as an important person: I am a Christian ...!". The Imitation of Christ gives us a beautiful advice: love, nesciri et pro nihilo reputari, "love, do not be known and be judged as nothing". It is Christian humility.


"Let us think of Jesus who is before us, who guides us on that road. This is our joy and this is our fruitfulness: going with Jesus. Other joys are not fruitful, they think only, as the Lord says, to gain the whole world but in the end to lose and ruin oneself ».


Therefore "at the beginning of Lent we ask the Lord to teach us a little of this Christian style of service, of joy, of annihilation of ourselves and of fruitfulness with him, as he wishes it".




(Pope Francis, homily at Santa Martha, 6 march 2014)

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