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Wednesday, 02 December 2015 17:50

Mobilization for the climate

Last Sunday, 30th December 2015, before the beginning of the Conference of Paris, the Global

March for the Climate exceeded all records ; it has been the biggest historical mobilization for the climate !  

2300 events, 175 Countries have marched together with one sole voice, requesting a  100% clean future to save what we love. 

In every Country, the most important newspapers, televisions and websites spoke about the march on the front page.   

Pope Francis’ correspondent said:  “The Pope is close with his thought to the hundreds of thousands of participants, to the poor and to all those who want justice and a secure climate”.   

On the opening of the conference’s works, in front of all the leaders of the world, the General Secretary of the United Nations  Ban Ki-moon highlighted that:  "The peoples of the world are in motion. They went down on the roads, in the cities and in the villages worldwide, in view of change. They expect that each one of you is on a par with the challenge. History demands it from us”.   

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Some photos .

1. Lebanon, Beirut

2. Italy, Rome

3. England, London

4. France, Paris

7. Switzerland, Zurich

8. Australia, Sydney

9. India, Delhi

10. Senegal

11. Brazil, San Paolo


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