Friday, 01 January 2016 17:15

What does PEACE mean?

 Salomé (10 years)

For me peace is to forgive and to ask forgiveness, then shake hands.

Peace is to accept our differences  and to respect everyone.

Peace is a gift which is not always there.


Léonie (13 years) 

Peace: a small word able to change the world.

 When I see all the wars, all the violence abroad as well as in our families, schools, all inequalities and terroristic attacks I ask :

 « What world am I going to live in? What world will my children see? What world will be theirs? »

But what can I do to change all this? What is possible to someone like me?

 I think that we should do whatever we can to help those who are suffering, who are  afraid, who are hungry, who doubt about their future in their own country and all those who find themselves alone.

 Then, if I could say only one thing about peace I would say: build it.


Patricia (young mother) 


To FORGIVE: forgive one’s own children, parents, friends, neighbours, colleagues .... To forgive a bad word, a bad behaviour, a wrong received.

To SPEND TIME: spend time with struggling friends, with lonely people, elderly and sick, with those imprisoned .... Offering an attentive and sympathetic listening ...

To THINK: think that each person has a role to play on earth, that s/he has still something good at the bottom of their heart and that it might be re-awaken.

To PERSUADE: Persuade everyone that our tiny contribution to build PEACE will be fruitful.

To ACCEPT: Accept our different origin, culture, religion, and also our social difference, our different opinion and way of thinking.

To ABOLISH: abolish slavery in all its forms, supporting the victims … abolish hunger, collecting food and donations, or else participating in charitable services ... abolish wars, putting aside criticism and refusing personal vengeance.

To LOVE: LOVE is the foundation on which the world can re-build itself. May each day see LOVE raise on this sleeping world ... .

To BEGIN: Begin a process of Peace stopping conflicts around us, and teaching children about peace and tolerance.

To FORGET in order to HOPE: Let us forget our fear of strangers, and of the unknown, because fear is the greatest hindrance to PEACE in the world.

To build Peace is not always easy, yet to BUILD PEACE is to forget a sleepless night hoping that tomorrow is a better day.