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On 1st January 2012 

19 sisters
5 communities



En 1904,las leyes francesas no permitían la enseñanza a las religiosas: después del Líbano, las Hermanas de la Caridad encuentran un nuevo campo de acción en Egipto.

In  1904, the French laws prohibit the religious to teach; after Lebanon, the sisters of Charity find a new working domain in Egypt.   


Starting in Cairo

In 1909, the"Catholic Greek Welfare Society" of Cairo desires to help the young and needy girls by providing work for them in a workhouse… The Society assigns Mr. Luotfi Ayrout Bey the task to find the personnel to manage it. The Superior is aware of the educational  risk required to give the pleasure of work to these future housewives and at the same time, the urgency to provide resources to the needy families. She therefore promises to send sisters during the year to start this work.  

In December 1909, Sister Justin and Sister Fulberte arrive in Cairo. Gratuitous classes are attached to the workhouse as well as non-gratuitous ones in view of diminishing the expenses to the Society. Shortly, the registrations are numerous and it becomes necessary to hire a bigger house : 5 classes  for  200 children.

In  1913 an orphanage is added for 70 children.

The teaching is provided in Arabic and English, two necessary languages in Egypt, but even in French because the pupils who asked for it, could present the examinations in this language. 

The teaching of embroidery, music, painting and other artistic subjects are also added to the classical teaching. 

Three years later, there are 8 classes with 350 pupils.

The apostolic field is extended…

In 1915 the sugar refinery company of Nag-Hamadi, ask the Sisters of Charity to run a school for the children of the European colony and of the local population. 

In  1917, three sisters arrive in Alexandria, as requested by Mgr Briante across an «urgent» telegram to take care of the wounded in a clinic belonging to a French doctor. After the war, this work will be replaced by a school. 

In  1923 : there is a school project with an annexed boarding school in   Abou Dardar, that belongs to Catholic Greek Community. On the 31st May, Mgr Nuti, the Latin Apostolic Vicar, authorises the opening of a gratuitous orphanage, a boarding school and a school in the district of  «Chatby».

The mission branches out towards the South of Egypt     

Nursing service in the government Hospital of Sohag (1963-1987) and of Nag-Hamadi

Medical-socio-pastoral - services in  Zarabi (1978), in Khazandaria (1980) 





1. Cairo

2. Alexandria

3. Nag-Hamadi (kindergarten, childcare centre, centre for handicapped children) 

Health and socio-pastoral services:

Khazandaria and Arab

Ghanayem and Zarabi



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