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Thursday, 10 March 2016 13:18

Forget, No !... Forgive, Yes!

I am from Syria, I exist, I live, I reflect and I create !    

The Buds of Peace are about to blossom

and it’s not a hearsay !

Our hearts are going to become white   

to stop the flooding of the rivers of blood… 

Syria ! Sooner or later,

you are going to wake up from this long nightmare !

and celebrate peace while serving champagne !

Let’s hope they are not just castles in the air !

In spite of war, terrorism and our despised dignity,    

we survive, we will defy the challenge…    

We will get back on our feet !...  

Our experimental high school in'' Mleiha'' has paid a heavy tribute to war !

You were still brand new, barely inaugurated…    

The war swept us away, and now it is very badly damaged !  

We have been uprooted !

It has been devastated, plundered, damaged !...

Forget, No !... Forgive, Yes!

Despite a  demanding situation, stimulated and encouraged by our sisters of Charity, we overcome our distress and we invent the celebrations and the cultural initiatives for our students, in order to dispel fear and to conquer despair.   

Me Elias Nseir

Member of the patriarchal school administration  “Al Rihaya »



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