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Monday, 18 April 2016 17:28

In Syria: with the daring of love

  When we had the idea to organise a week-end with the children, friends of Jeanne Antide, we strongly hesitated and the parents, friends and the teachers put some questions … 

-         Do you dare to assume the responsibility of these children …and if something happens?

-         You are really courageous to take such a responsibility in the actual  situation!

-         Personally, I will not send my children ...etc.

Yes, no …yes, no  … YES.

After a moment of discussion, discernment and prayer with the Friends of Jeanne Antide who are directly responsible of the groups of children,   with the religious community who always encourages and with God’s help who always protects us, we said YES : for the children’s fulfilment, yes,  for the gift of self in the footsteps of our patron St. Jeanne Antide, yes,  in order to struggle against fear and the imprisonment of children within their house for 5 long years of war. 

We left with 53 children, friends of Jeanne Antide and 15 adult friends who assumed the responsibility.   

During this camping, joy, discipline and love which radiated among the group were really remarkable.    

As the topic indicated, we have been truly     

" Inflamed by HIS Love "

We thank all those who have helped us in the smooth running of this week end. Our thanks go also to the Daughters of Charity who warmly hosted us gratuitously in their house.   

We entrust to your prayer all the Syrian children and peace throughout the world, especially in our country.                                           

                                                                            Friends of St. Jeanne Antide

                                                                            Damascus- Syria.



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