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Thursday, 05 May 2016 21:29

India: Friends of JA

In 2010, in India in the presence of sr. Maria Rita, sr. Milady and sr. Jaba in the family of sisters of charity with 10 members around 3'o clock the gathering was started. it had been told to each member that each one should pray for the poor people and there was explanation about the importance of faith, spiritual growth, help the abandoned people and the poor.

In the beginning there were two families who didn't have children. As the saying "praying together we can find result" they got children. even today, these families are witness in the friends of Jeanne Antide. The meeting is held on every month in the presence of sister with prayer, bible reading and its explanation. Every year to celebrate the Birth of Christ we used to help the poor by giving money, things and physical help. thus we have felt the birth of Christ in our hearts.

 As we came for the meeting we could come to know more about Jeanne Antide: her life history, the sufferings, her experiences, her helping mentality towards poor and sick people. We felt that the suffering she faced were like the sufferings of Jesus. She lived and showed us as god is the only one who is important. She lived and lives according to her own words: looking only to him, thinking only to him, living only for him in all the places. 

        We can feel the presence of god by doing good for others, by helping who is in difficulty, by serving others without expecting anything back. So there is no doubt that like this we will grow spiritually. 

         Presently we are 36 members in the group. Sr. Sobia Josphin is the coordinator of the friends of st. Jeanne Antide. We have three place NADIKKAVU,PALAVILAI, and KULATHOOR. We have board members six. Before we sit together and plan for the year what to do. Last meeting sr. Maria Rita was present and planned some the things.

         1. visit the sick people

         2. formation for the youth

         3. formation of friends of Jeanne Antide

         4. pray for all the people.

The friends were collaborated with the sisters. Friends of Jeanne Antide collected 30 thousand rupee. We offer the gift for the grandmothers and the poor. The Christmas celebration was on 23 December with the presence of parish priest of two parish. 50 old people we helped this year. The children, friends of Jeanne Antide, sisters all together we were 100. The friends of Jeanne Antide prepare food. It was nice experience.

IN BANGLORE: With the Friends of Jeanne Antide, Fr. William underlined that our goal is to care and to love

  • Care for our common hood 
  • Care for common home: 
    • Keep the family name 
    • Protect my brother and sisters 
    • To show mercy 
    • To safe guard my family 
    • Do sacrifice 

 Sr. Jeba Mary spoke of St. Jeanne Antide:

  • The face of mercy from the beginning of St. Jeanne Antide’s life and action. 
  • Mercy is a key word that indicates God’s action towards us. 
  • The mercy of God is the loving concern for each one of us. 

During the group work, we kept 3 demands 

  1. How we as friends of st. Jeanne Antide can learn to grow in mercy in our life in family? 
  2. Which are the needs that u finds in your area where the mercy should be sowed? 
  3. How cancollabrate with sisters of st. Jeanne antide as our family friends? 

Action:  The gift for the Christmas gathering of the poor Friends of St. Jeanne Antide will provide.  

Experience of the Friends of St. Jeanne Antide members in Bangalore:  

The Birthday of St. Jeanne Antide we celebrate in Bangalore with  the Friends of St. Jeanne Antide It was the life touching experience for me. Because to organize, consult, decision making, and to take initiative. We were 16 including me. The sisters welcomed us. We were in our house. We felt the family experience. We had the class, Holy Mass, reflection, sharing experience. We went us a pilgrimage to the two Cathedrals in Bangalore. We prayed for all the sisters, families, and for lay friends in all over the world. 

We had time also to enjoy by Recreation, Cultural evening, Boating, shopping, and meals. The difficult situation also we took in a positive way to think and act. All the members of Friends of St. Jeanne Antide want to thank the congregation and the sisters. All the members who participate in the celebration they have the great desire to serve the poor and collaborate with the sisters.            Sr. Sobia Josphin     

Mr. Robert Sunil: 

I am the member of the member of Friends of St. Jeanne Antide from the beginning. But I was not active and just I was member. But I got the chance to go Bangalore to participate the birthday of St. Jeanne Antide. I was inspired by the class and the reflection I have the responsibility to care and the serve the poor who are in need. From now onwards I will work and try to participate all the programmes with full heart. 




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