Sunday, 22 May 2016 22:47

May 23: Feast of SGA

Jeanne Antide (1765(Sancey-France) – 1826(Naples-Italy)    won great struggles through her sufferings and the grace received, through her love for God and for the poor, love for the Church and her Congregation.  The Church proclaimed her holiness the 14th January 1934.

From Jeanne Antide’s letter to Sr. Elisabeth Bouvard (30 Nov. 1810):

“O precious gift of peace, reign in the hearts and among us… O Holy Spirit, come and establish yourself in our hearts and in our families for you cannot reign wherever this precious gift of peace does not reign”

Let us thank the Lord for the Gift of Peace, that reigns in the heart of the Risen Christ and pray for all the artisans of peace:

- Come Spirit of God, come! Grant us Peace and we will be builders of bridges among men!

- Come, Holy Spirit on our earth! Come and instill in the life of every

man, the Good News of Jesus Christ!

- Come Spirit of God ! Come Spirit of believers !

The photo: statue Jeanne-Antide (Laos- Thakkek)