Monday, 15 August 2016 21:14

Mary, Mother of tenderness

1. Mother, gushing spring in the desert 
Mother, moon that enlightens the darkness of the world
Mother, song in the night.
Mother, as high as the clods over the ocean.
Mother of all grace, my soul loves you ardently.
Mother, river which brings life.
Mother, hope that brings peace.
Pilgrims look for your Love.

R. Hail Mary you are full of grace, Blessed by God.
We offer you our song,
With all Saints we honour you, Mary.
Hail Mary, Mother, moon the enlightens the dark of night.
We thank you Mary, because along our journey.
You lead us towards our eternal home.

2. Mother did you hear?… we sang a song to You...
A sweet loving song which we offer with tenderness
Together with perfumed incense and colourful flowers.
We praise You Virgin Mary
You are pure and spotless
Your heart is perfumed

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