Tuesday, 30 August 2016 22:49

Closeness to the earthquake victims

In these days in Italy we are looking in astonishment and shock to the pain of the many people affected by the earthquake. The loss of lives and belongings has been great. People are suffering at all levels: psychological, social, economic. Such wounds will take a long time to heal.

The rescuers sent by the government, or belonging to private associations and public institutions are mainly volunteers who do anything to bring help, support and consolation to those who had everything taken away in a matter of 20 seconds.

Our prayer reaches out to all of them: elderly, children, families, young people. We also take part in all the initiatives to support them as much as we can. We share their suffering, yet we keep up our faith and hope in a new future, with the blessings of God who loves justice, charity and solidarity.

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