Tuesday, 01 November 2016 18:51

On the saints’ footsteps

Blessed, blessed are the poor,

for theirs is the Kingdom.

Blessed, blessed are the afflicted,

because they will be consoled.

Who wants to follow my path

must deny himself and follow me,

welcome the cross daily

which saves and redeems every man.  


Blessed, blessed are the meek,  

they will inherit the earth.

Blessed who hungers for justice,  

because he will be satisfied.

The cry of the poor rises up

to the Father who sees everything:    

and his ear hears, 

remembers the pain of the miserable. 


Blessed are the merciful,  

because they will find pardon.    

Blessed every man and woman of pure heart,

because they will see their Lord.

Blessed is he who carries the cross,

will be true son of God.  

I leave you the peace of heart, 

that give a light of joy.  


Blessed are the persecuted   

because of my justice.   

May those who hope in me rejoice and exult,

because big is your joy.



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