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Wednesday, 21 December 2016 16:45

Come, Lord Jesus

During all the days of the month of December,

the Church places on our lips and in our hearts,

the words which repeat the long expectation

of the whole of humanity.


What does the Lord God tell us?

  « You are  waiting for me as the almighty,
and I come to you in the fragility of a new born child !
You look for me among the stars of the sky,
and I meet you in the peoples living on earth !

You want me to be an answer,
and I am at the heart of your questions !
You hope I will be your bread
and I make you hunger !

You make me in your image,
and I surprise You in the simple gaze of a child !
However, says God, At the very heart of your lives ,
an Advent of tenderness is being prepared,

  I wait for you as the night waits for the day. »  Francine Carillo

 What does the Lord God tell us?

What God is saying means peace

For those who fear him his saving help is near,

And the glory will then live in our country.

Love and Loyalty now meet, 

Righteousness  and Peace  now embrace.

Loyalty reaches up from earth

And Righteousness leans down from heaven.

Yahweh himself bestows happiness ,

as our soil gives its best.

Righteousness always preceding him,

And peace following his footsteps.


The Promise is accomplished… God came to visit His People…

"Come, Lord Jesus… Come, we are waiting for you.... Come, do not delay any longer"

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