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Tuesday, 27 December 2016 21:17

Assembly in Latin America

From Sr Nunzia’s letter to the Sisters of the Latin American Province (December 2016):

… “The Nomination Assembly is now very close (27th December 2016 – 2 January 2017)… The Gospel about the wedding at Canaan (John 2:1-12) will enlighten the assembly’s journey.

 Two are the main aspects:

  1. I.On 27th December we want to celebrate 50 years of our presence in Latin America with a video which will remind us of the past and will express our gratitude to God. (The first foundation was in Paraguay in 1967)

We will pay special attention to the last part of this “Jubilee”, that is the last five years, through the Provincial Report which we want to receive with gratitude to the Lord and to the Sisters of the Provincial Council. We are already grateful to Sr Battistina and her councillors for the gift they will offer us and for the light they will share with us.

  1. II.We will focus on the next future (the next five years), identifying the «apostolic priorities» waiting for us, in the light of the Acts of the General Chapter 2015, with reference to the style of our communities and to our spirituality, which is its foundation and makes it grow.

The Assembly will show a path, with ideas and suggestions, yet it will be the task of the next Provincial Council with the cooperation of all Sisters to discern, plan, realize and evaluate. 

Therefore, during our Assembly, we will give ample time to the choice and nomination of the Provincial Council (30 December 2016 - 2 January 2017)

We want to live all this within an atmosphere of Love and attention to the “latin-american” signs of our charism, not only those of yesterday, but also those of today and tomorrow.

Tu fidelidad es grande, tu fidelidad incomparable es

Nadie como Tu Bendito Dios,

Grande es tu fidelidad. (in castellano)

All together: we, Sisters of the Congregation, Partout dans le monde and Friends of St. Jeanne Antide, want to entrust sr Nunzia and her Councillors, and all the Sisters of Latin America to Mary, the servant of the Lord: Our Lady of Caacupé (Paraguay), of Lujan (Argentina), of Copacabana (Bolivia), of Aparecida ( Brasile)  and  of Guadalupe (patron of Latin America)


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