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Wednesday, 15 February 2017 15:05

Silver Jubilee of the Centre of Love

Founded in 1992, the Centre of Love for children with special needs, is celebrating this year its 25th anniversary!

In partnership with St. Jeanne Antide Institution, this centre puts into practice the principles which are instilled in the students of the big school: acceptance, respect and service to the OTHER.

The celebrations took place on the 21st and 23rd January last, in the presence of the sisters of the Provincial Council and the communities of Egypt. The founders of this project, the members of the big family of Jeanne Antide, the directors of the Alexandrian centres for the handicapped and the students’ parents have honoured the feast with their presence.

The ceremony started with the unveiling of a statue symbolising the centre and was followed by a procession with white candles up to the hall. The welcoming words and the testimonials expressing gratitude preceded a well-prepared programme.

The children of the Centre played two famous patriotic operas. Songs, dancing, theatre... the talents didn’t fail to complete the ceremony! The big applause echoed in the hall because the presentation exceeded every expectation!

The following morning, the Eucharist was celebrated in the school chapel especially for the occasion. Positive echoes could be heard. In his homily which he delivered to all the religions, Father Boulad (the chief principal in the project since its beginning), tackled the issue: “The religious rituals or the acts of charity?”

Do we put into practice the values that characterise our being human? This was the golden message of the silver jubilee.

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