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Tuesday, 21 February 2017 15:05

Reggio C. ongoing solidarity

* On the 2nd February in the port of Reggio Calabria, there was a long applause. As soon as the ship “U. Diciotti CP 941” berthed, the migrants on board couldn’t hold back their joy for having arrived safe and sound.... 754 migrants hailing from various African countries : 575 men, 24 women – 4 of them pregnant - and 155 minors, of whom 148 were unaccompanied have been salvaged during the day at about 20 miles away from the Libyan coasts. They were travelling on wooden boats and rubber dinghies. The operations of first aid and assistance are coordinated by the Prefecture. Soon after the migrants’ arrival, they were medically examined by the medical personnel and assisted by voluntary Associations, even though there weren’t any visible particular needs. The doctors verified the presence of some wounded individuals: two were injured with a gun, another two were suffering from groin hernia while another one was suffering from a bad wound in his head.

The migrants will then be transferred to other provinces according to the Plan prepared by the Minister of Internal Affairs.

The guarantor for Children and Adolescents speaks of an authentic human drift of apocalyptic dimensions. We lack welcoming centres.... “Reggio Calabria cannot cope without structures” but “we will welcome them… especially the minors…”

foto reggio

* “Precisely on the 2nd February, we found ourselves at the port to serve the migrants. People saw us there and someone expressed himself in this manner.”

Sr Lidia Gatti “It’s not visible on the diary It was beautiful yesterday, the day consecrated to those who have offered their life to God. I really enjoyed myself looking at such an image...

There are 5 consecrated persons from various congregations... and also the dear Miss Anne, a Christian of the Evangelical church. The richness in diversity which is meaningful and is only Christ centred is encountered on the road and in the cross of every man... fully and particularly in the poor and the socially excluded... through which one discovers to be needy and always Welcomed by the Father...

Life reaches its true fulfilment in Union with God... who extends the heart and opens widely the doors of His Love! Thank you sisters and dear friends for your witness of Love!” Michele D'Agostino 3rd February, in the neighbourhood of Reggio Calabria

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