Monday, 27 February 2017 16:56

Brief news - Besançon/Savoie

Regarding the feast of consecrated life.

-          In Besançon, at the Provincial House, in joy and simplicity, over 80 male and female religious and consecrated persons met to celebrate vespers and to share fraternally a light meal. It was a strong time of prayer and joy!

-          In Bordeaux, the community of rue Bigot, as requested by the Diocesan Council of Religious Life, organised a day « open doors »: welcoming of neighbours, praying with them and a friendly snack.

At the « Good Shepherd »: at the end of the mass a small drink is offered to make known the feast of religious life.

-          At Bagnols/Céze (south of France), the Sisters of charity and those of the Christian Retreat of Chusclan (sisters of the Christian Retreat of the Father Receveur) met to live the Eucharist together. The meeting was followed by a friendly meal in the company of 2 friends of the parish, 2 priests of the parish and 2 religious who live close to the 2 communities. 

-          Some sisters from the convent of la Roche/Foron gathered at Chavanod, near Annecy with the male and female religious of the diocese to live a celebrative and fraternal time:   projection of a film, a snack, the celebration of vespers. The Bishop, Father Boivineau assisted personally in this encounter.


An unexpected visit

-          On the 15th February, at Digne-les-Bains, in the Nursing Home, Cardinal Dieudonné Nzapalainga, Archbishop of Bangui, in Central Africa, came to concelebrate with the local bishop in the chapel of our nursing home. Coming from Madrid where he went with the imam of Bangui, to receive with him a high Spanish dignitary encouraging their contribution for peace, he was on a visit in Digne at his cousin’s house, who is a colleague of our manager who took the initiative for the invitation.   

The community has been in great communion with the sisters of Central Africa, of Bouar, of Bohong, of Berbérati, de Bocaranga where the Cardinal is due to go as soon as he returns. His homily on the dove of Noah and the blind man of Bethsaida remains in all the memories.