Monday, 10 April 2017 13:45

In Syria: the courage to hope

Death has not stopped hitting Syria! After 6 years of war children are still dying … the number of victims and refugees is still growing! The country is destroyed because of sufferings and injustice!

Yet hope has not died! War and daily struggles do not undermine the courage of people and of the Sisters who live there! The will to live and to build peace are stronger than fear and death. In Damascus, ours Sisters work untiringly to help the families and try to support as much as possible the younger ones.

Through educational activities they offer a chance of serenity which helps the children grow and face the difficult situation they live in and the traumas they suffer daily. Our Sisters work in difficult conditions, nonetheless they try to offer material help distributing food and medications and helping those who lost their house to get another one, never giving up before difficulties!

Words cannot express what people are going through, they lost everything yet they are stronger than despair and fear …

With the people of Syria, and with our Sisters who are with them, at the beginning of this Holy Week we want to open our hearts to Jesus crying «I thirst! »

I thirst for peace and justice!

I thirst for your solidarity!

I thirst for a united humanity!