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Sunday, 30 April 2017 18:02

ITALY-MALTA : Meetings for the new Province

In February, March and April, the Sisters of the new Province Italy-Malta were invited to attend meetings of reflection and dialogue at the Generalate of the Sisters of Charity in Rome. Various age-groups got together for a couple of days in order to reflect on the Council to be appointed in May.  We interviewed Sr Thi An Nguyen, who attended the meeting of Sisters under 60 years of age.

Sr Thi An how did you feel meeting so many Sisters?

We were almost 45 Sisters, coming from all over Italy and Malta. This gathering was for all of us a joyful occasion to get together with Sr Nunzia our Superior General and her councillors. We were divided by groups of Novitiate, so it was nice to be able to recall the time spent together, and share our recent experiences! It was a good time to refresh our companionship while working together.

 How was the meeting organized?

 On the first day we listened to the gospel of the Annunciation, and like Mary at Nazareth we were also called to say Yes to our future while still being in our present. In groups we shared our reflections and then we had a common time of prayer with the whole assembly. We also reflected on the future of the Italy-Malta Province, and on the trusting attitude we need to learn from Mary who became Mother of God and of Humanity trusting the message of an angel. The responsibility felt by Mary is the same responsibility required of each Sister of Charity today.

What did you find most interesting?

Sr Nunzia’s invitation to consider deeply the situations we live in and find out the next possible step, making clear what is our goal, what new contribution we are ready to make personally as well as a community. What matters most is to be passionate about whatever we do. Sr Nunzia reminded us that there cannot be a new organization without a complete change of mentality, a conversion of the heart in order to accept the new situation the Lord is offering to us at this historical time of our Congregation. Besides, we need to be opened to the signs of the time if we want to discern God’s will for us, in this world, today. Our days were marked by an attitude of trust and serenity; we were able to share our expectations, and wishes about the task of the new Provincial Council. We spoke also about our doubts, fears and questions.

What commitments have you got for the future?

In our sharing we highlighted the importance of our sense of belonging, of our testimony as a community, of being more than doing, of caring for our relationships within the communities; among delegates and communities; and among delegates and the Provincial Superior. We also mentioned the care for our relationships with the surrounding world, the need of ensuring continuity to projects, of renewing our style, of learning to network, of following up the community so that they may develop their mission. All this will be possible if we let the Holy Spirit lead us, offering Him our full cooperation in searching the will of God with responsibility and looking at our future in a new way.

INFORMIAMOCI: year 2017  n°16


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