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Wednesday, 24 May 2017 16:04

ROME: A strong time of formation

Between the 7th and 13th April 2017, in the Provincial house in Rome, an International group of 31 young sisters residing in Europe,  met again for a formation course. The course entitled “Spirituality of the Mission” was headed by Sr. Mary Stephanos, general councillor,  Sr. Ines Triberti , Sr. Noelle Portal and Sr. Mihaela Branici.

The main speaker has been Sr. Sr Catherine Belpois who tackled the topic on the Spirituality of the Mission in St. Jeanne Antide and in St. Vincent the Paul with her usual competence.  She presented us a picture of their itineraries and events  including  the encounters that had marked their lives. 

At the end of each day, the meeting with Father  Alessandro (a Franciscan minor), offered us a brief by highly interesting course on human formation, while he launched a possible path of integration  of the emotional and the spiritual journey.   

The days unfolded in a climate of intensive and lively participation, with incisive group dynamics and moments of personal reflection. All this  led us to a smooth assimilation of the contents and a “lively” and fraternal Exchange of our personal and community experiences. 

 Naturally,  we had some   moments of recreation,  such as the small evening feast organised by the juniors who will shortly pronounce their final vows  and the hearty and joyful welcome of the 4 Chinese junior sisters. We even shared some moments of deep prayer such as the participation in the solemn Eucharistic celebration  in St. Peter’s Square on Palm Sunday. These days, lived in the name of fraternity, will help us grow more spiritually and in our personal and mutual acquaintance.   

On the 11th April, we participated in the solemn Eucharistic celebration in the General house together with many other Sisters and the 3 Italian Provincial Councils.   

The following day, sr. Nunzia wanted to meet us to exchange our  greetings and to share the joy of the Pope’s visit to our house. A joy, which became also ours! 

We ended our meeting with a short visit to St. Peter’s Basilica under the look of Jeanne Antide. 

Sr. Rosanna Rampone soc


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