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Thursday, 25 May 2017 10:12

Council of the new Province Italy-Malta

On the 23rd May, feast day of St. Jeanne Antide Thouret, Foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity, the Provincial Council of the new Province Italy-Malta has been nominated.   

This new provincial reality, established on the 14th January 2017, is the end result of the unity of the 4  Provinces : Malta, North Italy, Central Italy and South Italy.   

This unification, in view of a further territorial unification and of a new missionary thrust, has been examined and has also been a  point of reflection for several years.   

In collaboration with the respective Provincial Councils, the General Council has accompanied the realisation of this fusion during all its stages, animating prayer meetings, moments of reflection and discernment with the participation of the sisters of the Provinces in question and with the help of external consultants and competent persons in the field of civil and canonical rules.   

Under the guidance of Sr. Mary Stephanos, the following sisters will be at the service of the new-Province:

- Sr. Wandamaria Clerici

- Sr. Natalie Abela

- Sr.Martina Baesso

- Sr. Anna Otto

- Sr. Ines Triberti

- Sr. Angela Giuliani

- Sr.Damiana Turuani

Together, let’s thank the Lord for the sisters who are starting their new mission at the service of this portion of Congregation, concerning the Mediterranean-Europe, and let’s pray the Lord and the Virgin Mary to grant them the grace to serve joyfully and courageously the sisters of the Province and the poor, the grace to be promoters of innovation and charity and to be daughters of the Church like St. Jeanne Antide.    

From the letf:

Sr Martina Baesso; Sr Angela Giuliani; Sr Damiana Turuani; Sr Wandamaria Clerici; Sr Mary Stephanos; St Natalie Abela; Sr Anna Otto; Sr Ines Triberti


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