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Saturday, 17 June 2017 12:11

Chad : the cultural diversities - an opportunity !

My name is Sr. Maryse Murielle Flavie Gotto, sister of charity of St. Jeanne Antide Thouret and I am from Central Africa. Across this text I would like to share the lights and shadows of an apostolic experience which I have just made in the south of Chad.    

As a missionary religious, I often ask myself : how can I live in harmony with persons hailing from an environment which is completely new to me ?  This question serves as a guide and offers me a general idea. It also helps me in my ability to establish an enriching and serene relationship  with my sisters and with those men and women whom I encounter in my apostolate.   

When I received my mission from the provincial superior who sent me to Kyabé, I had no idea in what consisted this vast apostolic domain. As a religious, I reached my mission place with great joy on the 18th December 2016 in an environment that was completely new to me. 

My main mission was to be in charge of a foyer for girls who lived in that area. There were nine of them and  they were all registered to join the foyer for the academic year  2016-2017. They attend various classes : from the primary class CE2 to the 4th year of secondary school.   

 I admit that in the beginning it was very difficult for me because of the local language which created a barrier. The young girls of the foyer with whom I established a permanent contact hardly spoke French and I had no idea of their language, Sara kaba.    

In spite of the difficulties mostly linked to the linguistic barrier, today I observe that there is an evident progress regarding my communication with them, and this helps me to accomplish my mission with more dynamism.  

 Besides this principal mission, I am also engaged in the parish of St. Peter Claver which belongs to the Jesuit Fathers. I help in the sacristy with other women, I accompany the French speaking choir and I also work in the parish secretariat.    

Of course, difficulties always crop up but we must always welcome them as an opportunity which God grants us to discover better what He expects from us.  I noticed how we can have different insights and different cultures. But what is important in this context is our ability to establish a dialogue and to make the best of this cultural diversity.       

« If you hear God calling you, you will receive what is necessary »           Sr Maryse Murielle, SoC

Kyabe, situated in the Moyen Chari, diocese of  Sarh, is the place of the first mission of the sisters of charity in Chad ; a community of three sisters arrived in 1962, and this was requested by the Bishop of  Sarh, Mgr Henri Veniat

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