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Friends of JA Indonesia


23 JUNE – 25th JUNE 2017 

Theme: "Joy in service as friends of Jeanne Antide."

They left Sintang on Friday June 23 and arrived in Pontianak in the afternoon …

June 24th Sister Erica opens the retreat and Sister IKI begins with prayer and meditation on Jeanne Antide. At 8 o'clock in the morning Father Prasetyo, CDD offers the theme: "Joy in Service as Friends of Jeanne Antide." Happiness born in gratitude and positive thinking.

This father "knows" S. Vincenzo de Paoli and briefly tells us the story of his conversion. At first he only wants to improve his economic condition and his family. After his conversion, St. Vincent feels that God calls him to love Him with pure love and decides to answer all the needs of this great Love. St. Vincent founded the Congregation of the Lazarist Missionaries and the Daughters of Charity. Father Prasetyo also talked about Saint Jeanne Antide, who had been a novice by the Daughters of Charity, but  because of the French Revolution, she had to return home and later realized that God called her to found the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity.

At the Daughters of Charity, S. Giovanna Antida has learned to live the charism of St. Vincent de Paoli. According to Matthew's Gospel. 25: 35-40, God also calls us, as friends of Saint Jeanne Antide, to love Jesus in the poor who are his precious limbs.

Santa Giovanna Antida always put all her trust in God alone, because she was convinced that she could  do nothing alone but with Him she could do everything. Sacred Scripture was the basis of Saint Jeanne Antide's service spirit.

Friends of JA - Indonesia


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