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Friday, 23 February 2018 13:03

Syria - Damascus : February 2018

Thank you for your prayer! We will Rise again only if we carry our Cross ! …   

Since  22nd January, the situation in the country, especially in Damascus has strongly deteriorated.  Bombs are thrown numerously everywhere : in the popular places, on innocent people, on the children… 6 of them attend our secondary school. They were hit while they returned home from school calmly and friendly after a very normal school day!  

They were immediately hospitalised without knowing why and how !!!   

Will this terrible war which not even one amongst the Powerful of this world manages to control, come to an end one day ? 

The ground of  Bab Touma square drinks the blood of our martyrs ! Rita, a 16 year old secondary school student fell down and killed in the heat of the moment. Her companions are suffering from various wounds which are more or less serious.  When we arrive in the hospitals we see Christine with an amputated leg. The hospital is crowded with sick people who seek and cry for their close family members!... Since the 22nd January, fear has overwhelmed the parents’ hearts who dare not send their children to school anymore.   

Without wanting to yield to panic, two days later, we opened the school and welcomed the pupils who had the courage to defy the danger. For a whole week, day after day, we risked but only 50,   150… and 250 students at the most, out of 1270 were present. Finally, this week that was marked by still more relentless combats, all the schools have closed their doors! 

- For how long ? We do not know !

- Why all this war ? We do not know !

- Why should innocent people, children and mothers die ? We really do not know !... 

- Why are they so relentlessly willing to destroy a country marked by a long history and a rich heritage? From Jesus to St. Paul, Ananias, St. John  Damascene, St Maroon and many other… so many seeds of holiness sown in this country!...   

As St. Matthew tells us in his Gospel 4,24 : Inch’ Allah (God willing) ! « may Jesus’ fame spread throughout Syria and may they bring to him all sick people who were taken with diverse diseases and all kinds of torments  … » May he enlighten the hearts of those who live in darkness and grant us peace !

My sisters, perhaps I have spoken too much, but we believe that we can be, whether we are far or near, artisans of peace and reconciliation through our prayer and our solidarity,  like St. Joseph.   We have entrusted our Community to his care ! He, who has experienced a shock during his life, when the angel announced to him Jesus’ birth when he wasn’t in a relationship with Mary!... He, who on finding himself in a difficult situation, believed in the Angel’s message:  Fear not Joseph » ! Like him, let’s draw courage and fidelity from the strength of this Word, to lead our service to a good end.   

We rely on your prayers with a strong trust in the presence of the Holy Spirit who acts in our life. With St. Jeanne Antide, we try every day to entrust ourselves into God’s Providence as she says :  «If You entrust yourselves to Providence, God will take care of you and He will lead you by your hand  » !

Thank you for your prayer and love…. 

Sr. Fida Sr. Joseph Marie, Sr Najah, Sr Jihane

St. Joseph Community of Jaramana (Damascus)

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