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SUMMER 2018: in Egypt



12-19 July

The youths of EMY: “Eucharistic Movement of Youths” of St. Anne’s School of Cairo participate in a camp. The topic is “Belonging” (belonging to the country, the Church, the family, the school...): how to become part in daily life as a responsible person and as an engaged citizen.

They are also engaged in a social service with the handicapped.               Sister Therese ABI JAOUDE



21-25 July              

In Cairo, a Summer Camp for the children hailing from the outskirts of the Cairo mission.

Objective: Let’s live as true Christians … and respect the environment …

Topic: "Walking against the tide."

Goal: Learn how to love Christ who loves us, nourish and take the children around...

Place: at school and even external outings!

Number: 40 Poor children, 8-12 year old children, boys and girls.     Sister Haneya AYAD AZER 


23-27 July

Brownies & Girl Scouts Camp

Objective: Formation and relaxation …

Topic: Living together in spite of our differences

Goal: Living together, Muslims and Christians, according to the spirit of Baden Powell...

Place: Marsa Matrouh, 350 Km far from Cairo!

Number: ±50 Brownies and Girl Scouts            Sister Sanaa GAYED


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