Thursday, 09 August 2018 20:57

International Meeting AJA

Between the 24th and the 29th July 2018 I had the chance to participate at the International Meeting of the Friends of Jeanne Antide which took place at the General House of the Sisters of Charity in Rome. The participants came from various countries but in spite of a great culturla diversity there was a very friendly and serene atmosphere, and we felt united on the same journey following Jeanne Antide’s charism. I would like to thank the steering committee for all their work and the Sisters for their hospitality. I wish to thank particularly the Superior Geneal, Sr Nunzia de Gori, who indicated the future journey for us, not only as ‘cooperators’ but as ‘partners’ of the Sisters in living the charism today. This meeting has touched me deeply and I will certainly share this experience with the group of Friends of Jeanne Antide in Malta.

Rose, Malta

“I did appreciate this spiritual time lived together, in which we were offered the opportunity of deepening our prayer-life, in a friendly atmosphere and rich sharing. In particular I have appreciated the value of the Friends of Jeanne Antide, and the way they joyfully live according to her spirit. The Friends are true companions on our journey. I went back energized and with the wish of supporting and improving my participation to the group which is in Malta, in spite of its smallness.


Thanks for this opportunity.


Sr Rose - Malta


“I wish to thank the Lord for being part of the international meeting of the Friends of Jeanne Antide. I felt particularly enriching the presentation of each group to let the others know about their activity and also the time of conviviality. Through the presentation I discovered the joy experienced by the Friends working in the Southern countries of the world, in spite of the great distances they have to cover in order to meet, as well as their generosity towards the poor.


Then, at meal time I had the opportunity of knowing the Friends in a more personal way and of learning what they do in their countries. Knowing the other in such a direct way makes us true “Friends”.


Antonella, Italia


I did appreciate the joyous and fraternal environment of our Friends of Jeanne Antide’s International Meeting, where we felt benevolence and friendship. We worked well without being too serious, and I do hope that each one of us will be able to communicate the fruits s/he got multiplying and adapting them to each local situation.


Sr Myriam, France




The International Meeting of the Friends of Jeanne Antide took place in Rome, at the General House of the Sisters of Charity, between 24th and 29th July. It was a time for personal acquaintance and true communion, with the opportunity of exchanging and of reciprocal enrichment. This was an important step in our journey with the Sisters. We have been together for many years, sharing the same charism and nurturing the wish of seeing its fruits, knowing that we are complementary partners on the same journey. Our work on the “basic Document”, whose contents are for us as a “spiritual house”, enables us to look forward to a future in which we will feel united in whatever place of the world we are. The meeting closed with the Pope’s greeting after the Angelus. Let us pray the Lord and invoke the Holy Spirit that we Friends of Saint Jeanne Antide may be able to live according to the will of God Alone! 

Daniela, Italy 


“I wish to thank the Lord because I had the opportunity of meeting people coming from all over the world, yet sharing the same Spirit of Jeanne Antide. In this meeting I understood better that we live the same mission wherever we are, yet it is not always easy to do so, especially in some places. May Jeanne Antide always give us the courage to go forward!

Best greetings to all Jeanne Antide’s family, religious and lay friends.

Suzanne, Liban