Sunday, 05 August 2018 22:46

General Conference 2018



The Provincial and Regional Superior and the Delegate of India gathered together with the General Council in a spiritual context, strengthened daily by the Eucharist and by the Word of God, willing to live times of « unitary-formation », nourished by the source-charism, the General Conference, in the stunning setting of Sancey, reflects and decides on the following issues:

General conference / Sancey : 3 - 12 August

Friday. 3 August

The Word of God calls us

Saturday. 4 August


Sunday. 5 August


Monday 6 August


Tuesday 7 August



« Be quiet! »

(Mk 1,25a. 4,39a)


The big word of “silence”

in exerting authority

Shared lectio




« She made a vow to God ... and she never repented”


Let’s accompany our Novices

In their first public



Celebration of the First Profession in the Parish Church of Sancey


“Issues of Initial Formation”


«Lamp to our steps» is the Rule of life ... Let’s question the new text of the Constitutions



Witnesses and agents of the current journey.

The three Novice Mistresses of the international Novitiates narrate their experience



Let’s open a window on the so called phrase Pre-Novitiate:

“time for orientation and preparation”


² ² ²





Debate in Assembly


“Issues of I.F...” (cont.)


A note in relation to the Perpetual Profession


Which direction do we want to take?

A shared map guides us

 q q q


« The local community”


Part one


Her existence ... her mission

Let’s question the new text of the Constitutions



Its life cycle

Let’s go through “the normative process”

« The local community”


Part two


Her apostolic vitality and lifestyle :

the challenge of the CAP and the Community Financial Statement


The current experience

Debate in groups


² ² ²




Towards a unitary journey?

Which guidelines?



Debate in assembly




First stop



“At the charism school”

Time of Formation

for the Councils


“Authority and service”

in the human-spiritual experience of Jeanne Antide


Future traces

in her personal history


² ² ²




Together towards la Baume ...

to “narrate our history



« Jeanne Antide at home! »

Sancey and its surroundings 

Sr. Christiane Decombe





Wed. 8 August


Thursday 9 August 


Friday 10 August


Saturday 11 August


Sunday 12 August


Be quiet ... not only... proclaim it even from the roofs!”

(cf. Mt 10,27)


“Communicating”: an attitude hailing from afar!

The epoch and style of  JA


² ² ²


Communicatingtoday ...

Welcoming the big challenge of the social-network

(sr. Theresa Raad)


Listening ... Experiences...





In the footsteps of the charism


Together to Besançon”


sip slowly   

from the source

of our origins”




Financial Issues


Analysis and new orientations of the Church  

                       ² ² ²




Workshop” to contribute in the building of an always more “missionary” Congregation.  


Objectives. ActivitiesGoals


Questions-  Prospects




Issues of territorial organisation”  


The Council’s mission and the annexed services



A formative journey,

across the “rocky paths” of the Norm

² ² ²

Other issues

of common interest



Debate between councils




With all the people of God of  “Sancey-Sector”


we live

the Sunday Eucharist

in the Parish Church

 of Sancey 


² ² ²

                   We go through,

the Conference

in prayer






The Franche-Comte’  

And the pilgrims to Einsiedeln

Ms. J.M. Blanchot






« From silence, the light! »

Praying with J.A.

« in her house »