Friday, 16 November 2018 23:29

The year dedicated to persons with special needs

President Abdel Fattah Al-Sissi has dedicated the year 2018 «to the persons with special needs». After having been approved by the parliament, a new law was issued assuring these persons the right to lead a dignified life.

In this context, the Saint Jeanne Antide Institution welcomed the special schools of the central district which are open to children suffering from a mental or motor disability. It was an occasion to celebrate with them the victory of the Egyptian army commemorating the war of October 6 th 1973.

Arches of balloons greeted the guests at the entrance. The posters of the Egyptian epic decorated the theatre while placing in the middle the photo of the President of the Republic surrounded by these inspirational icons challenging the handicap.

The Centre of love affiliated with our Institution presented a famous operetta magnifying a patriotic enthusiasm. The Life Centre of St. Mark’s College played various musical instruments. The school for the blind « El Nour » attracted the audience with a high-quality rhythmic gymnastics’ exercise. The EGC College focused on the integration of children in difficulty through a nice artistic presentation.

The ceremony was held under the patronage of Mrs. Amal Abd El Zaher, Secretary of the Ministry of Education and Teaching and of Dr. Iman Charaf, Director of the Teaching Centre Area in Alexandria. Militaries, teachers and important journalists also honoured us with their presence. An atmosphere of gratitude marked the closing of the activity : the administrators of the central zone handed the shields and certificates of merit to the heads of the specialised centres while a word of thanks was addressed to our head of school Sister Wafaa Rached for the hospitality and the positive relationships maintained with the area.

It should be noted that the high reputation of the Love Centre is the reason why St. Jeanne Antide’s Institution is considered as a welcoming and specific establishment for events related to children with special needs. In previous years, the Centre has been ranked 1 st at the Republic level in a theatrical competition and the children gained several international sports’ medals. Every visitor can easily identify the spirit of love and service that characterises the monitors’ team.

Sr Wafaa Rached 

Alexandrie -Egypt 3.11.2018