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Saturday, 08 December 2018 13:19

LIBAN “Political crisis and refugee emergency sink Lebanon”

7 December 2018 – At the monthly meeting on December 5th, the Maronite Church attacks a selfish political class. Too many personal interests hinder the emergence of an executive, instead of looking at the common good. Refugee crisis "even more complicated" who, together with humanitarian support, need plans for a "return to their land".

The lack of a government because of the personal interests and selfishness of the various political actors and the refugee crisis that is becoming increasingly complicated. These are the priorities that need to be addresssed according to the Lebanese bishops at their monthly meeting on December 5th at the patriarchal headquarters in Bkerke, under the leadership of Cardinal Beshara Raï. At the center of the meeting was the recent visit to the Vatican and the meeting with Pope Francis, the problems of the local Church and the problems that cast more than a shadow on the future of the country.

Since last May Lebanon has been waiting for the creation of a strong and united government, able to overcome the many threats and challenges that await the country: from economic difficulties to the immigration crisis; from growing poverty to the employment problem that affects young people with greater incidence. A situation, denounces the Lebanese Church, of serious difficulty, exacerbated by the war in neighboring Syria, which has triggered an unprecedented humanitarian emergency.

In the final declaration the Maronite bishops do not hide their concern for the "absence" of any "hope" of shortly forming an executive. A stalemate that exacerbates the already serious financial, economic and social difficulties of the Land of Cedars. Hence the appeal to political leaders and faction leaders, because "it is up to them" to save the nation from an even more serious crisis.

Secondly, the Maronite Church calls the already precarious situation of Syrian refugees "even more complicated". Without neglecting the duty of "humanitarian" support, the bishops say that the country can no longer bear the weight of this migration. It affects "the economy and security" of all Lebanese and it is the duty of the international community to intervene to try to resolve the emergency. The hope is that the refugees can return "to their land, to their homeland" to preserve their rights and history.

Looking towards the feast of the Immaculate Conception, which is being celebrated today, the prelates invite prayers to the mother of Jesus to strengthen the task of witness. And in this time of preparation for Christmas they ask to provide for the needs of children in difficulty, especially as "they are deprived of the joy of the Nativity". (Asianews)


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