Friday, 25 January 2019 23:58

Argentina: the week of vocations

From January 25th to February 2nd "the week of vocations".

All the sisters from Latin America gather in Argentina for a week of mission, the theme of which is "to be like Mary available to go out".

The mission takes place in Argentina in the three communities of the province of Buenos Aires: Villa Corina, Ezpeleta, La Plata.

The missionary groups came from Paraguay, from the communities of Fernando de la Mora, Lambaré, Puerto Triunfo and San Juan.

From Argentina they came from Los Toldos and Ceibas. These groups join the missionaries from the communities of La Plata, Ezpeleta and Villa Corina.

The missionaries from Bolivia, from Sucre, and from Brazil, from Jussara, also arrived.

To all the friends of Giovanna Antida, to all the sisters and to all the young people, we wish you a good mission!