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Tuesday, 08 January 2019 19:49

Blessed new year!

Since our motto is “God Alone” according to St. Jeanne Antide, I would like you to describe yourselves by the “D” for the young sisters and by the letter “S” for the elderly sisters… you are free to choose any of the two categories, according to your strength and your mission… This is what I think of the young Sisters: first of all, I consider them as a precious gift for our community and for the mission of this house …. They are talented, loyal, distinguished, delicate, gentle and prudent, looking forward to please and
make others enjoy themselves, dynamic and smart, clever, developed…. They know how to decorate, make cakes and delicious dishes … they have the gift of leadership and of inventing pleasant melodies… They are unbiased, God Alone is enough for them with Mary our Mother. For this reason they are loved by Emmanuel and
He fills them with his blessings on this beautiful feast of Christmas… and I embrace them with all my heart as I sing to them with all of you: WELL DONE! WELL DONE! You are unique….

As for the Elderly Sisters, they are a blessing for our Congregation and for all our missions ! They are wise, serene, simple, silent, sensitive, friendly… They are sober, caring, supportive, smiling, helpful… They recall their successful experiences, their service, the shared concerns… They experience solitude… and they strive to fill it
with prayer to Our Saviour in a life of contemplation…
They suffer, tolerate, offer and sacrifice themselves… They are a breath of hope and holiness ! Lord, maintain them through your wisdom and sanctify them!
As for myself, dear Sisters, I love you… and together let’s sing: Thank you, thank you …Happy Christmas and Happy New Year 2019

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