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"What advantage?"

The Lenten Journey: Thursday after the ashes. 07.03.2019

06.03.2019 eng

«In the rush of life one must have the courage to stop and choose. And Lenten time is precisely for this. "The Lord has given us freedom, a freedom to love, to walk on his paths". And so we are free and we can choose. Unfortunately, it is not easy to choose. It is more convenient "to live letting oneself be carried away by the inertia of life, of situations, of habits". This is why "today the Church tells us:" You are responsible; you must choose ".

Have you chosen? How do you live? Your way of life, your lifestyle, how is it? Is it on the side of life or on the side of death? "»


(Homily at Santa Martha Thursday, February 19th 2015)