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Sister Elvira Testimonial UISG

Sister Elvira, temporarily returning from the Central African Republic, shared her experience as a sower of prophetic hope at the UISG assembly (Rome, May 2019) through her project Kizito in Berberati. Attached in full is the testimony: at the end of this article.

Sister Elvira has been in RCA for 18 years. The UISG assembly was attended by 850 of the 1900 Superiors General, from more than 100 countries, representing 450,000 religious in the world.

Through the direct words of the ex-soldier boys and girls, the Kizito project seeks to help regain the lost dignity, Sister Elvira wanted to send out the cry of suffering of a people that after 60 years from the proclamation of independence has not yet roads, drinking water, schools, hospitals worthy of the name.

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