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Sunday, 10 November 2019 16:04

Saying Goodbye to Mother Maria Carla Aletti

On 7th of November, around 8.00 am, in Miasino, where she spent the last few years, Mother M. Carla Aletti left our earth and went to Heaven. After few days in which she had not always been conscious, early in the morning, at sunrise, she opened her eyes and turning to Sr Emiliana, the Sister Servant sitting next to her, with her usual calm told her: “Today I will die”. Then, she closed her eyes again, smiling as usual.

Now – we ask you – to follow with your prayer and your smile our small “global family”, journeying through time and history. A Congregation smaller than it was at your time, yet very rich with all its diversities and challenges: various cultures, rites, languages, age ... and our new mission yet always at the service of the poor.

You, with Jeanne Antide, Agostina, Nemesia, Enrichetta, Mother Antoine, Sr M. Chiara ... and many other Sisters, together with those who also are going to heaven in these days (like Sr Giuseppina Nobile from your own religious province), look at Our Lady, Mother of tenderness and hope. May she keep our Congregation under her starred veil.

To her, Mother of the Beautiful Love, as you used to call her, enlighten our way towards the next General Chapter, small Bethany for the years to come. (From the letter of Sr Nunzia to Mother Aletti, 8th november 2019)


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