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Saturday, 30 November 2019 18:39

From Lebanon

October 17, 2019! Just one month and already the school year, in Lebanon, is well launched! Ideas, cultural projects and others are not lacking. We organize, we plan ... and Orient inter invites institutions to share some of their initiatives. Think about it, it is the year of the centenary of the proclamation of Great Lebanon and each Establishment is committed to put in place projects, cultural programs, educational and others, worthy of the event!

The media have long been denouncing the country's socio-political and economic problems. It was enough of the announcement of additional tax on this form of magic communication that we call WhatsApp so that, from one day to the next, everything changes! From north to south, thousands of protesters invade the public squares of all cities! Tires burn on major roads blocking access to schools, universities, workplaces ... not to mention trade and banks. The country holds its breath! ... Well, the claims are founded, just, legitimate and worthy of a democracy! Right to work, right to education, health, electricity ... fight against corruption ... In short, a May 68, in the Orientale! ...

Teachers and students, forced to stay at home, try to continue their work online ... Banks closed or, at best, deliver their precious dollars or pounds Lebanese sparingly,  ... gasoline restrictions to the pump ... pharmacies and hospitals that threaten to be able to accommodate in their establishment only emergencies for lack of essential equipment for operations ...

A month later, where are we? The Lebanese people do not quit!


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