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Sunday, 15 December 2013 17:03

Visit to India

050During the month of November, we visited the communities present in the country, with Sr. Maria Rita, the delegate of India. The communities are four, three of which are in Tamil Nadu while the other is in an adjacent district of Kerala. For us it was an occasion to discover our sisters’ mission which is particularly involved in the educational domain: teaching in the primary school, welcoming young students in a foyer, pastoral work and female promotion. Above all, they run a small cooperative-workshop where women make and embroider the typical liturgical ornaments of the Syro Malankar liturgy.   

We have been particularly struck by the number of elderly persons on the road or who live in very poor conditions because their children fail to take care of them. The government and even our sisters try to be attentive to this society phenomenon. In fact they welcome for the moment, a small number of elderly persons in one of the houses of Nadaikavue.

We have also observed the severity of the people’s work, in particular that of the fishermen who work at the risk of their life to provide some means of living for their families. These poor families live near the ocean; this area has been strongly hit by the tsunami.

We had various meetings during our stay in the Regional House of Nadaikavue: a mini assembly with all the sisters who are 2 in all; a time of formation for the juniors; another one for the novices; then we held an encounter with the professed sisters concerning the challenges perceived in view of the mission’s future.

We also met the group of the Friends of Jeanne Antide, whom Sr Milady accompanies. They meet regularly to pray together and to deepen their Christian commitment in the light of our charism. 

Sr. Feriale accompanied us to Bengalore, and we could thus observe that the future formation house which is under construction is already at a good point. We have also become aware of the existing university formation possibilities in the city.   

We are touched by the warm and attentive welcoming on behalf of Sr. Maria Rita, Sr. Little Jothy and all the other sisters of the delegation and we are thankful for these Gospel germs that have been sowed and now need only to grow and be strengthened.   

                                                       Sr. Monica and Sr. Christine

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