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Thursday, 09 January 2014 13:41

Visit at Concise

Sr. Nunzia de Gori, Superior General and her council, spent the Christmas festivities in Besançon and in Savoie. During their visit in Concise, in the house for the elderly, so called "The lake’s balconies", the sisters residing here, expressed briefly their daily living, addressing it to Sr Nunzia:

Dear Sr. Nunzia and you, all the councillors,

Just a brief word regarding your visit to our house in Consise. Today, the society that surrounds us is changing rapidly. It could sound surprising how our nursery home has not been effected. We cannot live in our House as we used to live 50 years ago or even as  just 10 years ago. Being directly concerned, we are therefore called to express our impressions regarding the changes that we are living. Here, in the « Lake’s Balconies » we have a significant presence of lay persons, men and women. We are 72 persons in all, 23 of whom are religious.  What does this mean to the community? We must not think that such a reality did not bring forth any changes. It touches our life rhythms, our places of living, our community life. And that means a lot… In our House, we have the best places where we can live and share this God’s experience. We have time, tranquillity, we can live serenely and enjoy a calm regularity for our encounters with God through which he crowns his work in us for the benefit of youths, for the suffering, for our dearest Congregation, for the Church and for the world. Our spiritual growth is not terminated. Our prolonged life witnesses this fact until the moment when we will find our rest in Him. Your visit, which is a great joy to us, will help us to live in hope. Our responsibility as elderly Sisters consists in our ability to overcome our weaknesses and poverty in order to keep, just as we are, our place in our dear Congregation and to contribute to its growth. Thank you, dear Sisters, for your visit to our house. We are truly touched. Be sure, Sister and all the Council, of our faithful gratitude and our fraternal love. 

Your  Sisters of Concise

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