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Tuesday, 20 January 2015 12:50

Kamikase-Children and new assaults

Kamikaze-chiildren: the last frontier of the brutal religious fanatism of the Boko Haram movement.

These are the women and children, in particular, who are the new offensive weapons used by the Boko Haram movement.

In Nigeria , since a few day, the massacres have been many and the most frightful one is seeing  that the kamikazes used  by the movement are children, between 10 to 12  yrears of age  hand-barrowful  projectiles which  explode, by a distant command 

A brutal violence , shameful, perpetrated while exploiting victims, unaware or constrained by force : young women-bombs who strike to death,  killing with them  other children, innocent victims like them. Such actions of pure violence,  of unheard  brutality   are plunging the world into periods of dark moments. 

The woman,  exposed ,  rrendered slave , i sis the peferred of these religious fanatics , terrorists who do not have any scruples to use children,  grabbing them away from their parents ‘ affection and sacrificing them to the name of a religious fanatism that has no foundation .  We cannot forget the 200 students and over carried away by force , last April  by the Boko Haram and of whom we have not heard any more.

It could be very important after the imposing manisfesaiion in Paris of last January, in which we all took part to say together NO  to this mad ideology . NO to this shame.

The school could and should become a place where it is possible to construct together, pupils, professors, and parents , a society founded on welcome, on the respect of the different cultures and religions, on the respect of the laws of the Country, where we live, above all on the respect of the  human person as a Person, with its rights but also  with its rights to respect. It is only by starting to share these ideas  that it will be possible to construct a new pacific, solid, welcomng humanity..

Pope Francis is continually asking us  to pray for all the hundreds of innocent victims of wars and attacks that are bathing the world with blood  each day,  and to pray particularly for children. In our group of friendship also, we centralize our prayer for peace as the Holy Father demands, for the victims of war , for all the children who do not have a future.                Gabriele Rossi

A new assaults of militia integralists, the houses have been burnt out,  and the bodies left lying on the ground’ the zone is completely devastated.     

Di Hortensia Honorati / 

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 “The dead bodies lie along the roads ; it is believed that 2,000 persons had been killed during the raids".  These are the words of a military officer after of the attacks of the militia integrists of Boko Haram in the centre of Baqa, to the North East of Nigeria :  « The Town, the general continues to relate, « has been completely devastated, the houses ravaged with the flames ”.

Last Saturday after having assaulted and invaded a military base of the Multi-National Joint Task at Bagà in the North East of Nigeria  the militants on Wednesday struck the town for the second time  by burning it out completely. The   Government troops have abandoned the zone and the jihadistes  of Boko Hram are controling the 16 villages on the borders of Lake Tchad

The Islamists have burnt down everything"comment , The local authorities who find themselves faced with a phantom village that no longer existed, if not before the attacks, when at the time it was inhabited  by 10,000 persons. The persons who had the chance to flee were not enough to bury the dead, now the dead are all in a pit

“From Mali to Somalia as far as the Republic of Central Africa,  these terrorists  have also the same project  facing them that of a global menace, they must have a global response. It is the appeal launched by the president of Cameroun Biya when addressing the international community to stop the massacres being carried out by Boko Haram.

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