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Monday, 18 May 2015 22:26

Children's "passion histories"

Pope Francis reminds us to pray especially for children, who,  as he himself said during the general Audience of 4th April last, are the undefended victims of the adults’ errors. Let’s pray for the numerous children who are refused since their first moment of their life, abandoned and rendered an object of violence on behalf of those who instead should safeguard and protect them. Let’s pray for the millions of children who even today, die of hunger, thirst or because of lack of medicines, remedies and schooling. They are coerced to assume utterly heavy works, led to slavery or transformed in children soldiers.     

They don’t belong only to faraway countries, such as Asia or Africa, but unfortunately even in Italy there are still too many children who suffer, are refused or abandoned, deprived  of their childhood and  very often they become an object of revenge between separated parents. Children who are victims of educative voids or of a family crisis ignored by everybody, except by the Church!  They are fragile children, whose human and spiritual poverty will mark their existence for ever. As Pope Bergoglio said “… What’s the use of having solemn declarations of the rights of man and those of the children, if we punish the children for the adults’ mistakes?” 

As Friends of JA, let’s welcome the urgent call addressed to us by the Pope and reserve in our daily life a moment of silent and community prayer for peace and for all the victims of the persecutions because of faith. Let’s pray for the children, the elected of the Lord, those, who as Jesus said “let them come to me”.   

We have already mentioned that the children are a gift, but unfortunately today we must speak of the “passion histories” experienced by many of them.   

Since the beginning, many children are refused, abandoned, robbed of their childhood and their future. One dares say, almost to justify himself, that it’s a mistake to make them come to existence. What a shame! Let’s not throw our faults on the children, please! The children are never “a mistake”. Their hunger is not a mistake, but not even their poverty, their fragility, their abandonment – so many children abandoned on the roads;  or  their ignorance or   powerlessness -  so many children who have no idea of what a school is. If anything, these are reasons to help them more and with greater generosity. 

I am referring to the children’s  “passion”. Every marginalized or abandoned child who lives on the road begging and with all kinds of evasions, without education, without medical care, is a cry that rises up to God who accuses the system which has been built by us, adults. And unfortunately, these children are a prey of criminals who exploit them for ignoble trafficking or commerce, or train them to war and violence.  But even in the so-called rich Countries, many children experience tragedies which mark them heavily, because of the family crisis, of educative voids and life conditions which are at times inhuman. In any case their childhood is violated both physically and spiritually. But none of these children is forgotten by the Father who is in heaven! None of their tears is lost! Not even our responsibility, the social responsibility of the individuals, of each one of us and of the Countries are lost.       

Very often children suffer the consequences of a life worn out by a precarious and  low salaried work, by unbearable time schedules, by inefficient transports … But children pay the price also for immature unions and irresponsible separations: they are the first victims; they undergo the   consequences of  the culture of the exasperated subjective rights and hence become the most precocious sons and daughters. They often absorb violence which they are not capable to “digest”, and they are constrained to get used to the shame under the adults’ eyes.            Gabriele Rossi

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