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Thursday, 04 June 2015 11:35

Friends of SJA a pilgrimage

Saturday 16th April, the friends of SJA of North Italy organised a pilgrimage to Turin to see the Holy Shroud and then proceed to Tortona where Blessed Nemesia Valle lived for 35 years.

When dawn had not yet marked with its pink colour the boundary between the sky and the sea, many friends of SJA hailing from Lombardy, Piedmont,Valle d’Aosta and Liguria and other friends,  (around180) started their itinerary towards the Holy Shroud of Turin and in the steps of Sr. Nemesia in Tortona (AL). Their heart burnt to meet each other to contemplate “together” the Sacred Shroud and to discover the kind face of Blessed Sr. Nemesia. In front of that cloth, everyone contemplates the signs of the passion of the Crucifix and both heart and look remain enchanted as if wanting to exclaim “how can one fail to believe in Jesus Christ crucified and risen for me”!  The following is the summary of some repeated comments that have been collected: “how touching, how much has Jesus suffered for us” with their eyes glowing with light”.  Hence, we leave Turin to reach Tortona (AL) with the Sacred Face still impressed in our looks. Most of the friends do not know thoroughly who Sr. Nemesia is and this is the right occasion to listen to the fluent and richly detailed language of Sr. Anna Antida Casolino, who came from Rome for us, and to understand the message of kindness of this sister. Everything ran very smoothly – organization, conviviality during the excellent lunch and especially the friendship that emerges to support each other in our “being announcement” in the “peripheries” of life, on the paths of this coast where “the desert begins to flourish”.                        Sr. Maria Domenica Fagnola and friends of SJA 

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