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The first encounter at the beginning of our presence in Vietnam, was held in 1997, in Thoninh, in the diocese of  Vinh, a big parish which was celebrating the third century of foundation with the blessing of its new church. 

Some sisters of charity, being natives of this place, went for the occasion. There, they hear a call addressed to the Congregation so that the sisters might go to Vietnam. 

A first attempt takes place in1999 just when the Congregation was celebrating the bicentenary of its history. But it ended very soon.   

During the year 2000, a sister arrives in Saigon … she welcomes some young women who desire to dedicate their lives to the Lord. She welcomes them in a poor little house belonging to an old lady who used to look after an old and sick priest.   

In 2003, having bought a house, the sisters could receive a bigger number of aspirants. 

A priest, hailing from Vinh makes acquaintance with the sister and expresses his concerns about his diocese which was at that time,  materially, intellectually and spiritually very poor. Our charism corresponds perfectly with his plan and we answer positively to his request

Sometime later, we bought a small plot to start building a house hence enabling us to house the aspirants-students in Vinh. 

On the 4th February 2006, the novitiate is opened in Cua Lo, 15 km away from Vinh, with 11 novices, in a 3 storey house, but not at all suitable. 

In 2008, the novitiate is transferred to a house where the aspirants were lodging. Some sisters  took it in turns to assure the service of forming the novices and to follow the young women who were still studying.

 And young women continue to arrive … 



In 2011, the junior sisters amounted to 32 in 2 communities and in 9 direct apostolic places, scattered in big and small christian communities

In this life environment, some teach catechism to the children, prepare youths to receive the sacraments, animate the Sunday celebrations, direct the choirs, do gardening and breed chickens for their living ; others give first aid to the sick in a dispensary or they are present with small children in kindergarten schools in different parishes.


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